Practice Management Services

Below are a couple of the different ways we can invoice for our services. You can choose the way we invoice you and trial each method to see which works better for your practice.

We don’t force you into a contract so, if you don’t find it suitable for your practice, we only ask for one months notice. This gives us time to ensure full transfer of your practice. Obviously, this is our worst case scenario and would much prefer you to talk to us about your issues for which we will work extremely hard to resolve.

If you like to pay the same amount every month, we can take an average of the number of patients you see each month and bill using our tier system.

Taking a percentage of a practice’s invoices varies the amount each month. This means, the more work you do in a month, the more we invoice, and if you take holidays/see less patients, the less we invoice.

If you do not require full practice management, we can provide individual services e.g. typing, billing or phone answering services.

These are charged at an hourly rate of £25.