• Appointment and procedural booking
  • Clinic room booking
  • Phone answering
  • Email management
  • Scanning of notes
  • Notes courier service
  • Invoicing patients
  • Chasing accounts
  • Patient database management
Phone Answering Service

Our phone answering service extends to phone calls being answered from 9am – 5pm. We can provide you with a telephone line which will provide you with a practice contact number or allow an existing number to be transferred to our system. Alternatively, we can organise a mobile phone contract phone.

Email Management

Email is the most common form of contact with a patient. It is important for a quick response to keep patients updated. Emails can be stored onto our patient database and are a good way of keeping a record of everything in writing.

Patient Notes

Patient notes are vital for keeping up to date with a patient’s history and diagnosis. These need to be kept securely and be easy to access. The patient database system we recommend using, DGL, does this for us. They are kept within a patient’s personal file which is securely held on DGL’s servers.

We also offer a notes courier service (London and surrounding areas). If you prefer to hand-write notes, we can pick these up from you, scan them on to DGL and then shred them.

Patient Database

Patient databases are essential for the smooth running of any practice. We most commonly use DGL Practice Manager as it integrates well with hospital systems and is one of the most user friendly around.

There are a lot of patient databases around so if you already have a system and would like to keep using it, we would be happy to implement it.

Benefit from our paperless practice service.

Patient Bookings

Taking bookings are one of the most important parts of the practice. Our patient database has a clinic list feature which allows us to keep track of all our appointments. This also integrates with a lot of hospital systems which means hospitals can make appointments as well as ourselves, potentially doubling the amount of patients.

Procedural bookings is not as easy as booking an appointment. They need a slot booked, anaesthetist, equipment and pre-operative test slots booked. Our team has experience doing this for all specialities and the hospital contacts to ensure it is booked quickly and efficiently.

Billing Services

Why outsource your billing, when we can do it for you?

After every appointment and procedure, patients need to be invoiced. Whether it’s an insurance company covering the costs or the patient themselves. We will invoice a clinic or procedure within 24 hours. DGL Practice Manager integrates with Healthcode so all invoices are sent electronically to them and it also allows us to create invoices and send to patients quickly and securely.

Debt Management

It is easy to send an invoice, but they need to be kept track of to ensure they are paid. Depending on patient’s insurance cover, there are often shortfalls to account for. These need to be collected from the patient directly.

We can keep track of these and ensure all invoices are paid in full.

End Of Year Accounts

Throughout the year, it can be tricky to keep record of all your invoicing/expenditure. We will keep this information for you and send your accountant a full end of year accounts.